What Steven Avery’s former neighbor witnessed

What Steven Avery’s former neighbor witnessed

https://algomaphotoandstory.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/what-steven-averys-neighbour-witnessed/seibert-photos-smaller-size-1Steven Avery’s former neighbor said he saw things around the time of Teresa Halbach’s murder that raise a lot of questions – and no one has asked him about it before.

The recent Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer has made international headlines and raised many questions surrounding the 2005 murder of Halbach in Manitowoc County, Wi. and the subsequent trial that convicted Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey in crimes related to murder.

One of the key pieces of evidence in the case was Halbach’s blue/green Toyota Rav4 discovered by a volunteer search party in the rear area of Avery Auto Salvage on November 5th, 2005.

On the southeast side of the Avery Auto Salvage, off Jambo Creek road directly beside the entrance to the quarry behind the yard lives Wilmer Siebert, a man in his 70s who considers himself friends with the Averys.

Siebert said he saw what he thinks might be Halbach’s Toyota Rav4 accompanied by another vehicle, a mysterious white Jeep, “days” before the search party found the Rav4 on the salvage yard. Read more >>

  • Gold Kenny

    I wonder why detective James Lenk and officer Andrew Colborn weren’t investigated as suspects? They had motive. They had opportunity. I would not be surprised if one or both intercepted Theresa when she left the Avery property, murdered her, burned her body at a remote location (e.g. gravel pit?) and returned with a pickle bucket of Theresa’s remains to plant on the Avery property. Is that too far fetched to consider? Where was James Lenk’s cell phone at the time when Theresa left the Avery property? Colborn’s? Can their phones be tracked to be in the same place near any gravel pit, woods, etc. at any time during the days between Theresa’s disappearance and the day her remains were ‘found’ on the Avery property? If so, where was that place, and why might they have been there together? Were there any witnesses who saw Lenk or Colburn near the Avery property at any time on the day when Theresa went missing? We already know that Lenk was monitoring the Avery phone. But WHY? To find an opportunity to set up Avery during his lawsuit vs. the City of Manitowoc, perhaps? We know that the city’s insurance company was not going to cover the loss if Avery won his civil suit for the first frame up. Did Lenk and Colborn conspire to kill Theresa to mitigate financial ruin to the City of Manitowoc? Yes. that would suck for the people of Manitowoc, who would have to foot the bill for Avery’s civil suit. But it’s certainly worth looking into James Lenk and Andrew Colborn’s locations, behavior, and communications on the days between when Avery’s phone was tapped, until Theresa’s remains were found in the Avery fire pit.